Ukrainian TV Crew Pt. I

File under: “no good deed goes unpunished.” I left the hotel after only a couple of hours of sleep-not sure if it just jet lag, or if it because I can feel the days slipping by-to try and get a cup of coffee, which was not available the last time I tried,at 5:30 AM. Seeing a group of tourists trying to communicate in English with one of the mule handlers, I offered to translate, thinking they were arranging a tour. No cars on the island so if you’re not walking, you’re riding.

It turned out to be an Ukranian TV show, like The Bachelor, and I spent an hour with them finding the right donkey guy to help them with their shoot. Very handsome donkey guy is going to steal the show, and make some bank. He was psyched because one of the production assistants was very much to his liking. Elena, the cute producer ( ADD-riddled, ten things on her mind at a time, coffee-addicted, cough-ignoring, four-cell-phone-carryingI) tried to buy my coffee, but she understood that I am a Greek man, and that there were laws against me letting her pay for my coffee or hers. (Hospitality IS after all one of our cherished values).


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