I have come to the end of the Blue series of stories.  I said at the beginning that I would spend a year on them, and that year is over, give or take a few days. In them, I explored the darker, sadder side of love. There has been much heartache and tragedy and pain. It was sometimes fun to explore that side of life, whether by mining my memory or my imagination. Other times, they were a little close to home, and thus, less fun.

Until I figure out what the next year’s series will be, I leave you with a pallet cleanser, of sorts, when it comes to love:

The vows I would recite, should I ever get married.

“These are the things that I offer you:
My strength. With you in my life, it is abundant, so it can carry us at times when you feel weak, about you, about us, about life.
I offer you my love, real and forever, so that you’ll never have to wonder if someone loves you, or more specifically, if I love you. I do, and I will!
I offer you my loyalty, so that you always know that you have a lover, a partner, an ally, a friend on the other side of your bed.
I offer you my caring, so that you know I will take care of you, when you’re old, or sick, or tired, or scared, or just need someone to listen to your hopes, dreams, worries and fears.
I offer you my mind, so that you’ll always have another person to rely on, for support, to be there when you need advice, for financial help, to figure out problems with, for laughs, dirty jokes, quick-witted comebacks, or when you just need to be told that you are wrong.
I offer you my body, as provider of comfort and pleasure, of hugs and kisses;  I will cherish and take care of it so that I can be physically by your side for as long as possible.
I offer you my tears, as the rain of your soul.
I offer you the truth.  Always. Except if you ask me about THAT outfit.
I offer you a smooth cheek, or two, against which to rub your face. Most days.
Finally, I offer you my all. Physically, emotionally. I will trust you, and support you in your adventures. I will be there when you need your hand held, your head held up, your heart held gingerly. I will be true in my feelings and thoughts and actions. I will consult with you and consider you before making decisions. I will be your port in the storm, your lighthouse in the fog.
I am yours. All I ask is that you be mine the same way.”
Thanks for reading and reaching out when you enjoyed the stories. I hope to have the second theme soon.

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