Leaving Kalamata

That which does not kill us only makes need 17 cigarettes, each requiring a stop, to drive about 170 miles.

The past two days have been exhausting. Even by my vampiric standards, there has been little in the way of sleep, mostly because of hanging out with family, while missing the ones who were not there.

Today, I left my parents’ hometown of Kalamata. With that, I have said goodbye to more people and places who were instrumental in my happy childhood than I care to count. Cousins, aunts, uncles, beaches, ancestral homes, you name it. Tonight, for the first time ever, I said goodbye to my mom here. Every other time I have left Greece, she was either leaving with me, or waiting back in the US.

For someone who loves new experiences, I sure fucking hated that one. I am a momma’s boy, proudly, and yeah.

Now, with only a little more than two days left, I am trying to figure out how to leave here with a wet bathing suit, as I did in Hydra and Kalamata. Honestly, there is not a thing that I have missed from the US. Ingrained as the experiences I’ve had in the past two weeks are in me, the trip has been a rekindling of a love for a place whose charms I have purposefully forgotten in order to make being away from it tolerable. I honestly did not remember the sea in front of my grandparents’ home being quite so beautiful, or refreshing. Or how good Greek food in Greece really is, or how hanging out with your favorite cousins is a great way to find yourself with pains in your sides from laughing too much. (Ask me to tell you the horse joke!) Now that I do, I can only hope that I will…will what? Adjust? Win the lottery and and go back? Figure out a way to work from here next summer? Eh, I know poor Jenn is hoping for the first one, as she can predict the miserable fuckedness that will hover over me, like Pig Pen’s cloud of dust.

So, once again, it’s about 4:30 AM here, and I sit here outside of George’s home, the sound of a bunch of barking dogs is doing nothing good for either my mood, or my prospects for sleeping any time soon. (Skaste koloskula!) I’ll end today’s ramblings with a hope: that you never know howI feel. Although I know that many of you, already have parents far away, or worse, so you already do.

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